Can I go from dark hair to blonde in one salon visit?

Can I go from dark hair to blonde in one salon visit?

We’re all guilty of seeing an influencer on social media with stunning blonde locks and thinking “Yep, that’s it, I’m going blonde, the brown locks are going!”.

At the salon, we get this a lot!

Hair stylists are constantly asked if you can go from brown to blonde in one visit. The truth is it will always vary per client, but we have to be realistic and say no – and the reason for it, is that it’s down to your hair health!

Think about how long it takes your hair to grow, on average your hair grows just over a cm a month, so your hair will be a product of everything you’ve done to it over the few years will be growing. By done to it we mean your diet, heat styling, shampoos, conditioners, box dyes, straighteners, and styling products you’ve used.

Now due to colour pigments, we have to understand that if you want to go blonde from brown you will need to use a ‘bleach’ to do so. We all know the horror stories of broken hair, damaged hair, and the stories of the dry after-care battle. This is exactly why it’s best to do any kind of hair bleaching over time, to allow as little damage as possible to your hair, and to allow recovery time to your hair.

The trouble is that if your hair is poorly conditioned or over-processed bleaching it in one sitting to go blonde will only leas to it looking dull, split, and straw-like. Plus the colour will fade far more than with well-conditioned hair.
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Now it’s good to remember that once the process of becoming a blonde is over the maintenance visits should be every 8-10 weeks.

Arrange an appointment to talk to our in-house salon experts today, to make sure that you’re blonde journey is a great one.

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